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Day 1
04 May 2018

Welcoming and Introduction

The conference will start with some planned time to mingle and get to know your fellow improvisers. We’ll have some things planned to make it easy to break the ice...
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Whit Shiller

Warmup Exercises & Getting to Know Each Other

All participants will meet to get some general instructions and participate in some fun exercises to get the conference started right! This will be a fast-paced session where we get you energized for a great weekend of improv!
17:30 - 19:00

Break Before New Games Workshop and Improv Jam

New Games Workshop and Improv Jam

After dinner on your own, we’ll re-gather to work out the handles to new games and also take time to jam with all conferees. If you have a new game...
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Day 2
05 May 2018

Craig Norris – Weird, Wild Stuff

How to Perform Funny, not Accurate Impersonations, Voices and Dialects
Craig Norris

Lisa Hurst – Joyful Noises 101

We are called to make a joyful noise onto the Lord…not a perfect one. We’ll create a fun and supportive space to discover how musical improv can inspire your troupe...
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Lisa Hurst
12:00 - 13:00


Scene Hacks

Scene Hacks will consist of several short sessions on how to resuscitate or reinvigorate scenes or games that are starting to stall out will be presented by several speakers. Stay tuned for me info on what will be covered!

Will Hines — The Unusual Thing

You can’t teach funny, it’s been said, but maybe you can maximize the funny that you already have. Focusing on “the unusual thing” helps to organize your improv scenes around the part that’s making people laugh. Heightening, irony, specificity, but keeping it relatable! Oh man, it’s great!
Will Hines

Wrap Up and Reflections

We will review our time together and talk about our next conference.
Whit Shiller
17:30 - 19:00


Showcase Show

To finish off our conference, Fish Sticks Comedy will perform at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church.  All conferees get a free ticket to the show. Others who would like to...
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