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Vision for the Conference

Why We're Doing This Crazy Thing!

Vision for the Conference

Thanks for checking out the Christian Improv Comedy conference website.  We’re excited about what promises to be an engaging, energizing and entertaining weekend with the most fun people in the world to be around — improvisers!  There isn’t anything else like this out there, so you may be curious about what we’re doing and why.  Even if you’re not, that’s still what I’m going to write about.

Here’s the thing: there is no opportunity for connection or fellowship for Christians doing improv comedy.  We at Fish Sticks viewed that as not a great thing.  That lack of connection and fellowship can lead to stagnation, frustration and can impact the overall quality of what we do.  If all you know about improv is from watching Whose Line? or what you and your buddies messed around with in high school or college, you’re not growing in your craft.  Plus, you lose the opportunity to learn from each other — and therefore the opportunity to avoid common mistakes or frustrations.

Being together will help us all!

We’re blessed here in Milwaukee to have had some great training and being in the middle of the Improv Triangle with access to great resources and relationships with improvisers here and Chicago and the Twin Cities.  And we’ve been even more blessed to expand our group and connections to our team of funny people in Dallas.  But it’s still a very small number of us who are Christ followers that make stuff up on stage.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what happens if we had a place to not only learn and grow, but to know who else is out there doing the same thing?

We’ll have opportunities for fellowship.  Opportunities to get good side coaching.  We’ll have instructors from both Christian and secular organizations.  But most of all, we’ll have fun!  So who should attend and why?

You are: Reason to Attend Reason Not to Attend
Professional Improviser You want to improve your craft, get tips and tricks from other pros, challenge how you’ve been doing things in the past, grow in the ministry aspects of what you do, you have something to offer others! You don’t anticipate having bathed in several weeks or you want your improv career to slip into mediocrity
Aspiring Improviser You want to improve your craft, learn how to make a go of being a pro improviser, network, broaden your thinking about improv, you have something to offer others! You would prefer to remain in the aspirational mode.
HS or College Improviser You want to improve your craft, learn about opportunities to continue doing improv after school, challenge yourself to do more with improv, you have something to offer others! You’re grounded that weekend.
Stand Up Comedian You want to learn improv techniques to better your crowdwork, writing, and stage presence, you’re curious about the other side of comedy, you have something to offer others! You can’t play nice with others.
Actor You know that improv helps you on stage and want to dive deeper into the craft to improve your character work and comfort level on stage. You have to memorize everything you say.
Speaker or Pastor You want to learn improv techniques and principles to better your communication skills. You’re an elitist who thinks you know it all already.

As more people sign up, we’ll broaden our offerings!  So sign up soon so that we can prepare to make this year’s conference your best weekend of the year!