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2022 CICA Conference Survey

Thank you for being a part of the 2022 Christian Improv Comedy Association Conference! Please continue to stay connected with those that you got to know or reconnect with at the conference, including through the facebook group page at . Also, please sign up for the newsletter as an additional way to get email notifications of conference and other announcements and information. Just go to Newsletter and enter your information there. Thanks for filling out this survey. You may remain anonymous, and all information to the presenters will be summarized. So if you want to complement someone directly, please drop them a note directly or indicate that that’s what you would like to do in your comments. If you did not attend a session, you may leave it blank. Thanks!

2022 CICA Conference Survey
Name (you can leave this blank if you wish)
Name (you can leave this blank if you wish)
Rating of Laura and Rick Hall General Session — Higher numbers are better for this and all ratings
Rating of I’ve Got a Funny Feeling by Taylor Wingerter
Rating of Confidence on Stage by John Guarnero
Rating of New Games Session on Friday Night
Rating of Jump In! – Laura and Rick Hall Breakout Session
Rating of You’re the Pun That I Want! by Erick Craddock
Rating of Building Character by Donqueline Galliher
Rating of Physical Comedy by Lance Brown
Rating of Improv in Unconventional Spaces by Oluwadamilola Apotier-Abdulai
Rating of Reps – The Tops of Scenes by John Hildreth
Rating of Light Touch Scenework Dojo
Rating of Unvarnished Truth Scenework Dojo
Rating of Saturday Night Improv Jam
Rating of Table Talk Sessions
Overall Conference Rating