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2023 — Full Program

Day 1
02 Jun 2023


All participants will get to participate in a whirling dervish of fun, get the improv blood flowing exercises to get the conference started right!  This will be a fast-paced session...
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Welcoming and Introduction

We’ll kick things off with a quick welcome and a few announcements – but get ready to jump in for fun quickly!

Characters ‘R Us

Jonathan Pitts will facilitate this workshop, utilizing a variety of physical exercises for the improviser to immediately develop a wide range of characters. These exercises also include finding the character’s...
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Jonathan Pitts

Make Things Worse

In this “beamed in” general session, Will Hines will walk us through the practice of heightening the game of a scene (meaning: the unusual thing) with walk-ons and tag-outs, joining “Team...
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Will Hines

Table Talk Session 1

This Table Talk session is really not a programmed thing.  We’ll share so potential questions and conversation starters for those who would like to meet and get to know new...
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Individual/Team Coaching – Optional

In place of the Scenework Dojos, we’re going to try something a bit different.  We will make individual improvisers available to you or your team to get whatever type of...
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New Games

This year’s New Game Workshop will be a little different.  We are asking improvisers who are attending to share some new games with the broader group.  If you have a...
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Day 2
03 Jun 2023

Improvisation from the Source

Improvisation from the Source: Viola Spolin’s Theater Games   “Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves.”  -Viola Spolin Viola Spolin’s Theater Games launched the American improvisational theater movement and changed the way acting is taught. Her work has influenced generations...
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Aretha Sills

Improv Jam

The Improv Jam is always one of our favorite parts of the conference, and a good time to reflect on the time together, the lessons learned, and the friendships made...
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Day 3
04 Jun 2023

Table Talk – Troupe Leaders

This Table Talk session is for those currently leading an improv troupe or theater or those that have an interest in doing so. By sharing past mistakes and successes, we...
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