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Notes for First Time Conferees

OK, conferees is a weird word — can we just move past that?

If it’s going to be your first time at a Christian Improv Comedy Conference, or if you’re wondering what to expect, here are a few things for you to know/consider:

  1. Improvisers are generally pretty friendly people — but as much as we can let loose on stage, we can also be pretty shy or introverted (not all, but many).  The veteran conferees (I thought we moved past it, didn’t we?  Then why the face?) are really good about trying to connect with you — but do your best not to be shy about doing the same.
  2. Everyone is there to learn and have a lot of fun at the same time.  Come expecting to have a lot of takeaways, and also know that your “all-in” participation makes not only your experience better, but everyone else’s too.
  3. Be ready to volunteer when there’s an opportunity to jump on stage during a workshop or the improv jam or whatever — but also be sensitive to letting those who might not jump as quickly.  Caring about everyone else’s experience is one of the hallmarks of this conference, and you can be a part of it right away.
  4. Do find ways to stay in each other’s lives in between conferences.  Connect on social media, exchange contact info, share what’s on your mind on the facebook page, etc.
  5. Just like on stage, don’t get in your own head when it comes to the conference.  Maybe you don’t have as much experience on stage as someone else, but your participation and conference experience is every bit as important as everyone else’s.
  6. The conference is more of an improv conference than a faith-based conference — so every year we have participation by people who may not identify themselves as Christian.  That’s perfectly fine and not being a Christian is no barrier to be a part of some of the best improv training a performer can get.  As you might expect, though, there is a common decorum of clean language and no off-color or “adult” topics.  Playing along is just playing nice for the conference.
  7. It’s not always easy to come up with seven bullet points, but a list with only six seems wrong.

Any questions, please drop a line to or post a question on the facebook page.