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About Us


We are Christians — of many traditions and denominations, but we are a group of Christ followers who try to be funny on purpose.


We make stuff up.  We live and perform unscripted.


It’s got to be funny!  Yes, it’s got to be clean enough for a church, but it’s got to be funny enough for a night club, too.

The Christian Improv Comedy Conference was first held in 2015 in Milwaukee.  The idea of the conference was simple — create a space for Christian improvisers to fellowship and grow together in their faith and in their improv.  Each year since, the conference has grown in numbers and in the quality of the programming.  We’ve had incredible workshops and sessions, and have seen a community begin to take root — so we’re very excited for what lies ahead.

The conference has continued to be sponsored by Fish Sticks Comedy, a national Christian improv comedy team, whose financial support and organizing efforts have made the conference possible.  But the conference is open to all who wish to participate, regardless of where they perform (including whether in secular settings or in Christian settings), how long into their improv journey they might be, whatever denomination you might have in your background, or otherwise.  

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