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2023 — CICA General Survey

As much as we enjoyed the 2023 Christian Improv Comedy Conference, not everyone could make it!  We hope to serve as many Christian improvisers to grow in their craft and their faith, so we’re hoping to hear from everyone in the CICA.

You do not need to share your name if withholding it will lead to more honest feedback. As long as it’s all meant with love and for the good of the overall community, we’d rather hear your constructive feedback than just hear nicey-nice comments. So please be open and thoughtful in what you share either way.  Sharing your name gives us the advantage of being able to follow up for clarifications, include you in communication regarding future developments, etc.

Any questions, please let us know by emailing us at  T

Thanks for sharing your perspective and thoughts!

2023 CICA Non-Attendee Survey
2023 Survey for Non-Attendees - Section 1
While we get great benefit from survey answers from conference attendees, we want to hear from those who couldn't make it, too.

Your Name and email address: (optional, but helpful for follow up, etc.)*

Interest Level in Attending Future Conferences (without regard to cost, etc.). 5 is greatest interest, 1 is least.*

How important is the time of year for purposes of your attendance? We generally have met in mid-May to early June. Does that work for you? What other times of year would?*

How important is the location of the conference to you in making your decision?*

The last couple of conferences have been at a conference center with hotel like rooms and meals on site. Do you like that type of approach? Would you prefer or like another structure?*

What are your thoughts on the length of the conference? For reference, we have traditionally started programming on Friday afternoon and gone through Saturday night/Sunday morning. *

Do you want to be notified of future CICA conferences or other events by email? If so, please make sure you have communicated your email address.

CICA New Ideas - Section 2
How else could the CICA community support Christian improvisers?

Would you participate in shorter, regional conferences outside of the national conference in other parts of the US? Would that impact the likelihood of your attendance at the national conference?*

Would you have an interest in virtual hangouts, roundtables or training? *

What topics or issues do you think Christian improvisers most need addressed?*

What are your thoughts on the CICA facebook group page? What's good about it? What don't you like? Would a different platform be of greater interest/benefit?

Any other feedback or thoughts? Feel free to think/dream big, too! And please note if you are interested/willing to be a part of any solution/activity that might come up in the future.*