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Mike Kauth

Mike Kauth


Mike Kauth began his love of improv back in 1999 when he started taking classes at ComedySportz Milwaukee.  He quickly became a regular performer/instructor there and ran the high school league and minor league programs for many years.  From there, Mike went on to train at IO in Chicago where he was placed on a Harold team and performed regularly.  For a few years Mike would travel back and forth from Milwaukee to Chicago doing short-form improv, long-form improv, and writing/performing sketch comedy.  Mike later moved out to Los Angeles where he was excited to learn at the UCB theatre training center.  Mike enjoyed learning and doing improv in California but eventually moved back to Wisconsin and started teaching long-form improv workshops and performing/teaching with CSz again!

Mike has performed at the Toronto Improv Festival, Chicago Sketchfest, Milwaukee Comedy Festival, and the ComedySportz World Championships.  He has traveled to Texas, Colorado, Tennessee and more to do workshops and shows for various groups.  One of Mike’s joys in life is sharing the fun and creativity of improv with others.

All session by Mike Kauth

Elements of Long-Form

10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Morehouse Hall