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Program – Full Listing

Day 1
04 May 2018

Welcoming and Introduction

The conference will start with some planned time to mingle and get to know your fellow improvisers. We’ll have some things planned to make it easy to break the ice...
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Whit Shiller – Past Conferences

Warmup Exercises & Getting to Know Each Other

All participants will meet to get some general instructions and participate in some fun exercises to get the conference started right! This will be a fast-paced session where we get you energized for a great weekend of improv!

Smiley Alfaro — Update Your Status

Understanding how to recognize your scene partner’s status and complementing it are powerful tools that every improviser should master.  This workshop will focus on understanding how status can help develop...
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Smiley Alfaro
17:30 - 19:00

Break Before New Games Workshop and Improv Jam

Day 2
05 May 2018

Eric Craddock — “I’m Not as Good as Them.”

We’ve all been there: surrounded onstage by amazing improvisors, wondering “What am I doing up here with these people? I don’t belong on their level!” Come explore some tips and...
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Eric Craddock


To assist in getting the benefit of the morning sessions you weren’t able to share, we’ll spend time as a group reflecting on some of the bigger takeaways from the...
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Scene Hacks

Scene Hacks will consist of several short sessions on how to resuscitate or reinvigorate scenes or games that are starting to stall out will be presented by several speakers. Stay tuned for me info on what will be covered!

Eric Price — Finding Patience in the Scene, Lightning Fast

Improv is all about the “now” – and improvisers need to make split second decisions about their character and the characters around them instantly and naturally.  The speed of these...
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Eric Price
17:30 - 19:00