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Gezellig Aspaldiko and Other Ways to Love Gibberish

03 Jun 2023
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Ladue Boddie

Gezellig Aspaldiko and Other Ways to Love Gibberish

Nonsense speak is a staple of many improv games and exercises – but a whole mess of improvisers think gibberish is hengerdonk. So we pass over gibberish games and elements in our shows because someone feels verdenerzek about gibberish in a performance (or even practice) context. But when done well, gibberish is delightful for both performers and audiences.  Maybe I’ve got you ragnufincje about giving it another go?

If so, then come to this wild ride into the world of improvisational gibberish.  This will be a fast paced, work it out on the fly kind of workshop – so come with your vocal chords a bit warmed up and stretch out those cheeks because we’ll be going all in on your new favorite improv skill.