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Jonathan Pitts

Jonathan Pitts

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Jonathan Pitts is an award-winning international improv theatre artist and storyteller. He’s performed and/or taught in 26 countries and 98 cities. He’s the former Executive Director of Chicago Improv Productions; Co-Founder/Producer – Chicago Improv Festival; Creator/Producer – College Improv Tournament; Founder/Producer – Teen Comedy Fest; Founder/Producer – Chicago Podcast Festival; Creator/Director of improv theatre productions The Oracle; The Silent Movie; and Storybox Theatre. He also taught, coached, and directed at The Second City Training Center and was a contributing writer to Anne Libera’s book, “The Second City Improv Almanac.”

Favorite improv forms to play include: Armando; Collage; Cutting Room; Genre Montage; Monoscene; Stopwatch.

Extra Jonathan Info:

  • Actor/Director/Writer/Producer in sketch comedy revues
  • Actor/Performer in plays, performance pieces, and theatrical spectacles
  • Creator/Director of improv shows including: Double Play; Frames; Lucky Red Dragon Karaoke Night; The Make ‘Em Ups; Maxwell Street; Storybox For Kids; Thanksgiving Day Family Massacre; Viola Spolin: Woman of Play; World Tales
  • Creator/Director of performance pieces: The Answer; Balloon Ritual; Chimes
  • Former Creator/Director/Producer of Kidz Writes [1988-1990]
  • Former Production Intern, International Theatre Festival of Chicago [1990]
  • Former Theatre/Performance Curator of Around The Coyote Arts Festival [1995-2001]
  • Guest Master Artist for Alaska State Improv Festival [2018]
  • Master Artist Ensemble for Moment Improv Festival (Vienna, Austria) [2019]
  • Improviser in 1,200+ performances
  • Puppeteer in adult puppet theatre productions
  • Storyteller of 11 different real life stories at various storytelling showcases
  • Teacher, International Applied Improvisation Workshops
  • Teacher, International Corporate Workshops
  • Teacher/Director of children and teens with physical and/or cognitive disabilities

All session by Jonathan Pitts

Characters ‘R Us

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Morehouse Hall