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Why You Should Come

Whether you’re just starting out or an old pro, anything we do for God we should do well.  Well, it’s about time someone put something together to help you do that improv thing you do (or that you want to do) that much better!

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Great Speakers

We’ll bring some of the best and most creative instructors to challenge not only your improv abilities, but also the way you integrate your faith in your performance.


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Why Now?

The Christian improv community is pretty disjointed — but improvisers more than just about anyone else know that we do things better together.  With the impetus of some of the pros in the business, we’ve set out to raise the bar on Christian improv generally — and have fun doing it!

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This conference starts on Friday, May 5th i and runs through Saturday, May 6th.
Day 1
05 May 2017
Day 2
06 May 2017

Welcoming and Introduction

The conference will start with some planned time to mingle and get to know your fellow improvisers. We’ll have some things planned to make it easy to break the ice...
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Whit Shiller

Warmup Exercises & Getting to Know Each Other

All participants will meet to get some general instructions and participate in some fun exercises to get the conference started right! This will be a fast-paced session where we get you energized for a great weekend of improv!

Funnyography – Snapshots of Laughter

If audience members were able to take mental photographs of your performance, what comedic images would they walk away with?  Using exercises that concentrate on the physical aspect of good...
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Shawn Patrello
17:30 - 19:00

Break Before New Games Workshop and Improv Jam

New Games Workshop and Improv Jam

After dinner on your own, we’ll re-gather to work out the handles to new games and also take time to jam with all conferees. If you have a new game...
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Offers from the Deep End

Improv is playful, fun and engaging. But at its best, it also creates connections between performers and the audience regarding the common struggles, challenges and joys we all face in life. To pursue those connections more fully requires deeper listening and self-awareness. In this session, we will explore how to identify and “yes, and” the deeper offers within our scenework that we may overlook while simply trying to keep things moving or simply to entertain.
Whit Shiller

Get Out of Your Head

No matter the level of improviser, we have all gone through the dreaded feeling of being in your head on stage. This workshop will explore common triggers that get performers in their heads and focus on strategies that can be used to get out of your head and back on the Improv track.
John Guarnero


The way we react influences the scene we're doing and can give so much to our scene partner when we react honestly through a character and when we heighten and explore that reaction as well. Through fun exercises and scene exploration we'll focus on reactions and the positive impacts they can have on our improvisation!
Mike Kauth

Burst Into Song

With the musicians of Himprov comedy as our guides, we will explore the various ways music can add oomph to your improv.
Jay Coleson
12:00 - 13:00


Jill Bernard – VAPAPO Character Toolkit

VAPAPO is a character toolkit to give participants the ability to create strong, compelling characters that they can hang onto through the whole scene. This session will focus on using Voice, Attitude or Posture, and Animal, Prop or Obsession to build instant characters.
Jill Bernard

Q&A re Improv as a Profession and a Ministry

Veteran improvisers and special guests will discuss your questions and share their perspectives about how improvisational comedy can be best used as a ministry tool and pursued professionally.
Whit Shiller
Brad Newton
John Guarnero
Shawn Patrello
17:30 - 19:00


Showcase Show

To finish off our conference, Fish Sticks Comedy will perform at Christ Church — celebrating in part their 10th anniversary.  All conferees get a free ticket to the show. Others...
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Main Stage
Christ Church, Mequon, WI

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